Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Just took a moment tonight to once again read over the reviews some of my comrades in the Fuck This Movie Fam wrote and wanted to say: I’m proud of y’all! Some of your critiques of this garbagio are in the top 100 most liked reviews and that’s kind of amazing! I’m bracing myself for an absolutely bonkers number of Oscar noms and even the likelihood of it Green Booking...which will be so disheartening to see and will feel so regressive. But we are gonna get through this awards season together, folks!

For those of you for whom watching this movie, hearing the laughter of the crowd around you, and watching its absurdly positive reaction from so many viewers, critics, and celebs has been one big triggering/traumatic experience - I see you. ❤️

If you’re in the camp that loves it, well...It’s certainly not a “get out of my life” offense like voting for Trump or some shit, but I just can’t understand viewing the film as saying anything louder than it says, “Sometimes ya need woman killers! To kill the womans that’s needin’ ta be killed!!!!” 

That’s that on that.

(And to clarify, since I’ve logged a few protest reviews now - the actual view count is one time.)

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