Tenet ★★★

WOAH shit okay i still have an hour left but i gotta sleep but i gotta write this down so

i really wanted to like tenet cuz i saw a shitton of people on twitter complain it and i love liking things people hate but i dont know how to feel about this

on one hand i think idek what is it the temporal fuck shit is fuckjng amazing like the scenes w/ the bullerts and car and the red/blue scene was so good like having to figure out what is about to happen is great

also this movie FUCKS like setpieces GREAT all the actors are HOT HOT HOT and i like tbe music a lot

also i am all for how ridiculous this movie is like nolan has the power to bring crazy shit to the screen and we get to see its great 

but heres the thing like what in the da hale is happening they say at one point that we're fighting the future so i was like oh is that whats going on but the fuk. 

also im not exactly watching it in theaters but im super confused by the pacing its so weird i think i might be watching it on 1.5 speed like i know im not but i was genuinely trying to figure out if i was for the first 30 min 

umm i need to finish this tomororw but i hope it gets better cuz i was so into in the red/blue scene im on rn but yea i was kinda disappointed but thid is exactly what i thought the movie was frim like twittwr

or like i didnt think inception was confusing sk i thougjt people were junping on the nolan hate train when thet said tenet wss confusing but this genuinely is really not that great in a like UNDERSTANDABLE way 

nonetheless im having a good time im all for getting caught up nolans Wacky Wacky Worlds!

also cannot stop thinking abt that tweet thats like "nolan fought to get tenet in theaters like its constantinople just for us to stream tenet 2 on apple watch"

maybe theyll mentjon how disastrous this was in the future apush books, like money wise. like ik he was all abt perserving the cinematic experience but damn  idk why he thought that people would wanna go fucking watch his movie in a pandemic. i read his piece that was like we need cOmMunIty and to be together but GODDAM JUST HAVE SOME PATIENCE THIS KIDNA ATTITUDE OF BUSINESS AS USUAL GOES AGAINST THAT SHIT RIGHT?!?!1??11!!!11! 

ok i think im gonna go finish this now that im more awake but hehehe i mourn that im not in tbe timleine where we have no covid (besides the ovvious) where i coulda watched this in theaters. im going into the future where i watch dune on my goddam microwave

OK I FINISHED its 4:12 AM 

honestly it didnt make me feel like a usual movie would make me feel but it definitely was challenging and i totally understand how thats bad because the fcuk what was the story??  who knows??? nonetheless i really enjoyed the escape from the rest of the world and that i really got to think about not just the world of tenet but like about film as a medium. i read this quote in emily vanderwerffs thinkpoece abt porteait of a lady on fire abt how films allow us to exericse empathy and to step in other peoples shoes but this was not that. nolan is not ur guy when u want an emotional core. 

but i really enjoyed the sensation of being confused and if something can make me think this much then i think its unique. i was thinking abt how if nolan didnt make this and if the quality wasnt so fire how this movie wouldnt be worth shit at all but at the end of the day he did make it and the experience was super fun so what does it matter?? the product is affected by our cultjre and our expectations and that can influence how a viewer would enjoy it right 

my dream is that someone explains the mechanical parts of the film to me namely like what actually happened LMAO but i ultimately had complicated feelings and that makes a movie fun for me 

anyways ive been spending most of my time reading paradise lost and reading about reading about paradise lost OR worrying about the coronavirus and it was a fun respite. i guess im thinking about how special the theater really is and how very bizzare but wonderful it is that we can gather and be immersed in a world together. whats that about??! 

i guess we're all looking for something that we cant find in our daily lives. isnt that why we turn off our phones and make theaters dark!!! who gives a fuck abt verisimilitude when life is scary enough

and anyways when we get a piece of art i think part of the instinct is to make it useful and applicanle to real life right? as a l i t e r a t u r e major i feel tbat pressure on a more superifical level because its like hey im not useless i can finangle a way to contribute to society

i dont wanna think about that now though. my imagination has run loose and even now im still trying to justify this movie to myself. 

it's unfortunate that this movie is tainted by what happened with its distribution and shit. i feel like it really would have been something to see in theaters. since im gonna die on this content > interpretation hill the fact that i streamed it on my macbook doesnt rlly add up. also the fact that im tryna make my living off of interpreation. i know a lot of people said the conclusion to this movie was unsatisfying which i dont really get cuz i honestly was too confused to even expect a catharsis LOL. i think what i feel more blueballed by is the fact that i am just emptying my thoughts on letterboxd with no one to talk abt this movie with. i think the deprivation of the community is part of what nolan was trying to prevent by being an asshat about putting it out in theaters. maybe? hmm

maybe its dumb that im talking all about how i was stimulated by how pointless the movie was. but i guess part of me also really likes pointlessness especially because i think the implications of TENET outside of the movie are so fun. 

ok no im thinking about the other nolan films that people generally like and that i like very much and none of them are very profound right? its the storytelling and the worlds that are compelling. so whats so attractive to me is why it matterss for us to build these worlds, in film and tv and literathre and art and why we're so drawn to be lost in them: 

the easy answer is that its destressing but i have a feeling that its more than that maybe? ive come up with so many reasons as to why art is important but none of them really feel right right now.

oh shit the suns coming up. in summary: i was confused, maybe not in a good way, maybe in a good way. i dont like that i probably got a nic addiction from trying to stay awake during the boring parts. i dont like how wack the beginning was and how the scifi parts were kinda shafted for weird exposition abt stuff that doesnt even gd matter. i dont like how the super cool ideas seem watered down. 
i am also very confused by how i have to think about how nOndIaGeTiC shit influenced my viewing of the movie. but i ultimately am having a lot of fun being Engaged. definitely would watch again.

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