Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

I've been very iffy with Snyder's work, outright hating some of his movies (BvS). I appreciate that he is doing a lot with this movie in the story department, clearly setting up a whole universe where future movies will be set, and I will say overall, he does a pretty decent job. I kind of wished the humor that was present in the very very long opening credits had been more present in the rest of the movie, which takes itself deadly seriously. I mean James Gunn can do it, but then again Snyder is no Gunn. His most striking images may be the zombie design, which manage to stand out despite the gray, underlit aesthetic he seems to favor. (What happened to color in movies?!) I would also say he's not much of a actor's director, since few performances actually stand out here, except for Tig Notaro, and a large part of that I knew she was replacing the criminal. Still, I kind of enjoyed it, especially since I wasn't taking it nearly as seriously as Snyder and the other creators were.