Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★★★

Hollywood has been inspired (some say stealing) ideas from anime for years. Perfect Blue inspired certain scenes in Requiem for a Dream and the plot for Black Swan. Paprika delved into the dream world three years before Inception. Akira inspired any movie that has a superpowered teen going into full literally devastating meltdown (Chronicle). Even Ghost in the Shell inspired The Matrix (as did other anime). Do yourself a favor and watch this crazy, trippy and amazing film that is perhaps the best science fiction thriller of the '90s. Yes, this review is a response to the whitewashing of the main role, and yes, I understand arguments to bring this property to a whole new group of people who would never check it out on their own. But this film deserves a lot more than some shoddy remake. No grandstanding or unwanted political commentary. Just watch the better movie.