Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Saw this as an early birthday treat. It's one of the few movies during which I remain absolutely transfixed to the screen. I also only watch it very occasionally despite its being my favorite movie, so it's almost a fresh experience every time I see it. This time, I bring a lot more knowledge of Lynch, and I can see the bones of Twin Peaks in its structure and themes. It's also darkly funny, which I always kind of forget about with Lynch. It might also be a little easier to follow than most of his films, though the twistiness and how on edge this film makes you is so much of its thrill. And how Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Herring didn't get nominated for Oscars or even a stupid Globe is beyond me, though Lynch's nomination for best director was well-deserved (should have won for that too).

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