Spider-Man 3 ★★★½

I think I was too invested in the movies capturing the Spider-man mythology correctly to really appreciate this movie the first time. My main complaint was that it was trying to do too much in one movie and it didn't do any of them well. That is still my complaint for this movie. I think the Sandman story could have easily been one movie and Venom could have been another. However, I think the story of Peter and MJ was very well-developed and I liked that it was fairly realistic in how couples refuse to listen to each other and they have to learn to do so. Also, the arc of Spider-man and the hero's journey is actually well-concluded here. I even don't mind bad Peter dancing because it's actually pretty typical of the humor that runs throughout this whole series. I still think this is a flawed film but I didn't hate it as much as I thought I would.