Dunkirk ★★★★★

the most immersive, terrifying, ivigorating war movie ever. i never felt relief throughout until the very end and even then i was just waiting for nolan to fuck with me again. harry styles surprised me, not amazing but definitely better than i thought he'd be and in a bigger role than i expected. that color and those shots of the air force HAVE to be inspired by william wyler's work in memphis belle and thunderbolt. 

entirely disagree with those saying it isn't a character driven story. nolan is minimal in exposition, backstories, and even dialogue but that never sacrifices the relationship between the viewer and the characters on screen. IT DOESNT NEED ANY MORE! i don't need flashbacks or long monologues about a family back home to want to see what happens to the soldiers, or to mourn them if they die. so much of that is overdone in other war films because it doesn't have the pacing that this has. these characters make decisions that dictate their character more than dialogue or set up ever could. 

nolan cuts from one setting just as something huge happens to only move on to an even more dire situation. we don't simply see the action from one point of view but from every side of this: the air, the beach, and the sea. 

i didn't see this in 70mm and it was still fucking perfect. i think if i saw it in IMAX i would've had a heart attack. i don't want to know people who don't rate this 5 stars. 

there's so much more i have to say but i really can't form the words right now. it took me 15 minutes before i could actually drive home because i was in such a shock after leaving the theater.

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