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  • Pi



    Great grimy cinematography, soundtrack and sound design was very good even though sometimes it felt overbearing but I think it still worked. Some of the acting was kind of underwhelming, the filmmaking makes up for it but it was a bit hard to believe some of the dialogue from the supporting actors. Super obsessive story, nice ending. Pretty solid overall. Very cool to see Aronofsky's first film, definitely would've convinced me that he was a talent to look out for.

  • The Beaver Trilogy

    The Beaver Trilogy


    A three part justification for its own existence. Can't top reality in my opinion, but the other sections bring to light how cruel reality can be, albeit in a very dramatized way.

    Cool exercise in filmmaking. Seeing the changes across the trilogy is probably the most interesting thing to examine from a filmmaking perspective.

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    The lord sees all.

    The question is, who's the lord? Us, the audience, or Scorsese?
    Probably a combination of both. But I digress.

    Scorsese has such a masterful way of portraying immoral characters and looking at them in the most objective way as possible. This is of course a long ass movie, but the amount of time we're given with these characters aided the themes of aging, violence, and relationships to a higher power.

    Although I still personally love Goodfellas

  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    Very good. Kind of wish the film committed more to the deaf perspective but it was still powerful. I just put the film on mute myself a couple of times. The ending was wonderful.