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This review may contain spoilers.

i don't know man! there was a lot of great stuff present: the whole movie looks beautiful and colorful; the German covers of songs were super catchy (yes I listened to "helden" five times on the walk home); every performance is so!! dang!! good!!, and the characters all managed to be likable, especially elsa. however, the persistent criticism I'd heard about the tone being all over the place was really accurate. i enjoyed so much of the humor - adolf yeeting himself out a window isn't something I ever thought I'd see but it was kind of amazing - but eventually, it became harder to laugh at when contrasted with the utter bleakness of 1940s germany. especially after the reveal of Rosie's death, it was super hard to laugh at anything for a good while. without her, the film's empathetic heart falters, and some of the dark humor feels more cruel than funny. the exploration of how blind hitler's youth were to the atrocities of their country was very interesting, but it's still hard to Laugh At Nazis. yes, anti-semitism is stupid! but it's also dangerous, and the adults that perpetuated it shouldn't be written off as clueless and goofy and "not so bad after all" (mr. rockwell...sometimes bigots don't need redemption). it felt like everything was just building up to the "fuck off, hitler" line, which, Definitely!, and got enormous applause from my audience; still, it just didn't feel whole. regardless - i'm glad i saw it, and now that i know what's coming, i think i'll enjoy it much more in the future.

also - yorki has been adopted by the population of my college. he's our son now.

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