Vox Lux ★★★★

repeat after me: one for the money, two for the show; on three we get ready, on four come with me

vox lux is a tale of fame, innocence, terrorism and madness. We get to see Celeste’s big breakthrough, downfall and rebirth, a tale narrated by the one and only willem dafoe. Watching vox lux is like when you’re on a car and you see some accident happened on the road: at first, you can’t see it well, you expect the worst, you see the worst and your eyes stay glued to the horror you just saw. The difference is that car accidents are not attractive to the eyes nor accompanied of classic music or dafoe’s voice. Very, very sad that this film went unnoticed both by audiences and critics. It’s no surprise that this didn’t get any golden globes or oscar talk, but it is still disappointing. Natalie Portman delivers yet another iconic performance, this time as an eccentric, controversial pop star along the returned from the dead actor Jude Law, being once again a remarkable on screen couple. 

I know I’ve said this before about other movies, but I truly feel like this is a future cult classic. Shame on you, oscars!

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