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  • Julia Misbehaves
  • Bells Are Ringing
  • 8 Women
  • The Mating of Millie

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  • Bottoms


  • Barbie as The Princess & the Pauper


  • You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah


  • Love at First Sight


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  • Sisi & I

    Sisi & I


    finally some representation for sapphics who go crazy over a woman with a nice nose

  • Titanic



    first movie of 2023 over 40 days into the year. but what a movie it is. unfortunately not at the cinema but i still remember when i saw it at the cinema in 2012 and it made me gay. and i am still gay.

Popular reviews

  • Despite Everything

    Despite Everything


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    well this was fun for me until they made the lesbian daughter sleep with a man who she knew was the father of one of her sisters haha fuck off

  • Cheaper by the Dozen 2

    Cheaper by the Dozen 2

    they really made the obviously gay daughter crush on taylor lautner...just like i did when i was 10-13 and watched twilight before i realised i was a lesbian. the representation i deserved.