I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★½

I think my biggest issue with I, Tonya is it can't decide what story it really wants to tell. Is it about Tonya the powerhouse skater? Tonya the domestic abuse victim? Is it about Tonya's rocky relationship with her mother? Is it about the media circus of Tonya vs Nancy? There are a lot of parts that add up to an engaging if uneven, flawed whole. Margot Robbie gives a tour de force performance, and Allison Janey is reliably acerbic (if not much different from other similar roles she's played). Perhaps most frustrating is how the film keeps Nancy Kerrigan at its fringes, without her own viewpoint or dialogue, as though she is a footnote in Tonya's story rather than a central figure who also helped shape Tonya's career and adult life as much as Jeff Gillooly. There is definitely an interesting story to tell about Tonya Harding, but I, Tonya doesn't quite get there though it's a lot of fun.