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  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    Without John David Washington and Zendaya, and the beautiful black & white cinematography, there wouldn't be much left. The movie is captivating because of the general ensemble but is quite empty and lacks of essence when you think about it.

    Malcolm & Marie is nothing but the same constant argument over and over again that the director wanted to present differently. The more you watch, the more it becomes annoying and irritating. Even though so some dialogues are interesting and the intimacy between the characters is well-portrayed on screen, in the end it wasn't enough for me to fully get into the story and understand the director's choices.

  • Charade



    "Do you understand French ?"
    "Not a word. I'm still having trouble with English."

    I expected nothing coming from this movie so this was a very pleasant surprise !
    Charade is what James Bond could have been if it was as well-written as this movie. I've never seen a movie mixing so many different genres (romance, comedy, suspens-thriller) and having such a satisfying result from the beginning to the end ! Surprising twists, entertaining gags, witty lines... and Cary Grant and Audrey…

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