The Hunted

I was forced to watch this for family movie night because it was an action movie and it took place in Portland (where we live). I thought that Friedkin may've been able to do something to hold my interest and, in a way, he did. He made one of the worst action movies I've ever seen, which is painful, since he's also made one of the best (French Connection). "The Hunted" is ridiculous, cliched, fragmented, incomprehensible, a piss-poor "First Blood" clone (!), and seems like it was edited with a food processor. It almost feels like both Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones signed on because of Friedkin, quickly realized this was a piece of shit, and hammed it up for the rest of the shoot. Movies filmed in Portland are usually terrible ("Body of Evidence" or "Hear No Evil" anyone?) and this one fits nicely in that catalog.