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  • One Night in Miami...

    One Night in Miami...


    There’s a sort of gratifying boredom to be found with Regina King’s directorial debut. The content isn’t what is necessarily boring; watching these 4 giants of history bash verbal heads, sprawling with their words is irresistibly informative and exciting with their sharp and explosive dialogue. 

    It’s the conversational nature, the staged setting, the chilled ‘tomorrow is a new day’ vibe; it adds a level of monotonous yet almost therapeutic atmosphere that oddly elevates the picture, caressing your mind with their…

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    A thrilling, glamorous, frequently destructive and passionately remorseless film, squandered by a brash and jarring ending that hedges it’s bets and misses the mark almost entirely. Despite being such an uncompromising film, firm in it’s empowered brutishness and surreal realness, the ending feels compromised and the punches are pulled, as if trying to cynically separate Cassie’s morally questionable acts for a more ‘lawful’ approach that in turn leaves a sense of ungratifying frustration for a film that gives a front…

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  • Songbird




  • Mud



    A stellar piece of cinema that got me in love with the movies ! Well assisted me on the way anyway. And also where I found my then-obsession for Tye Sheridan, who for me has yet to perform on the level he does here (outshining McConaughey is no easy task). Would love this level of McConnaisance to continue ASAP, our man just hasn’t been getting the roles recently. Such a chilled and quiet yet layered performance as the titular character,…