Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

Pretty gnarly this world has zombie sex! Pretty happy we don’t see it! What we have here is an Aliens caricature, where the Queen Xenomorph is a Zombie with a cape (genius) and instead of space we’re in Las Vegas, and instead of Signourey Weaver’s motherly savagery, we have Bautista’s endearing brutishness gliding us and his squadron of bruisers along this bombastic heist of detached-jaws and zombie tiger maulings.

A bodacious and flagrantly colourful straight-shooting zombie heist thriller that harkens back to the earlier days of Snyder's filmography, despite a distraction of blurry lenses, some flimsy dialogue and cliches (that can be frustratingly jarring when AOTD’s main aim gives off the impression to subvert zombie tropes). It’s a pantomime zombie heist opera, heavier on the heist than the zombies, where forming a liking toward any character is unwise (and maybe unlikely).

I’m just delighted to see Snyder unchained, given the keys to the Netflix vault and doing his thing again, even when he does too much of it. His movies are so unrelentingly his and I have nothing but respect for that. I used to hold my nose to his work, but now i’ve found that i’m becoming quite fond of his overblown tendencies. What it sets out to do is entertain, to fulfil that need and yearning for big and loud extravagance, to provide that dose of the blockbuster syringe, and on that Snyder mostly always provides. Deranged and elaborate film food, i’ll have seconds please!

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