Deep Water

Deep Water ★★★★

Man this movie rules. Getting major The Happening vibes from the audience reception when the level of unhinged Lyne’s going for is crystal. Getting major The Happening vibes from this film in general tbh. Affleck biking like crazy looking like the saddest man of all time, surprisingly therapeutic. His offbeat chemistry with Ana De Armas is some super weird mix of sexy/sexless shit, shame we’ll get no more of that. Every scene of this has little treats - snail shower, drone warfare, kid drinking champagne. Affleck eating Armas ass, next scene Affleck and Armas shouting at their daughters football game - the sort of inane choices we long for from Lyne. Ridiculously entertaining, Lyne cashing in on some sorely missed trash-stalgia. Need those extra 38 mins!

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