Malignant ★★★★½

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It’s J-Horror, it’s Giallo, it’s slasher, it’s Cronenburg, Raimi and Carpenter. I used to be a Wan skeptic, now i’m a certified Wan Man. Malignant somehow manages to be laughing it’s ass off yet keeps a straight-face, buying completely into the craziness that’s unembarrassed to be cheesy and glorious, nor scared to be what it is in an aim to please. Second viewing still didn’t prepare me for that maniacal, batshit finish, where dozens of hoots were hollered and ‘what the fuck’s gasped.

Acting like this movie isn’t in on the joke, laughing at it’s silliness as if it’s silliness isn’t the entire point is obtuse. You can practically hear Wan giggling along behind each manic tone change or comical zoom-in, the musical montage titles and the inane dialogue smacking it’s camp lips together. Any film with the line ‘Wait, are you saying that the killer is…your imaginary friend?’ is not to be taken at face-value. Also all you nose-holders saying ‘I predicted the ending’ as if that somehow makes you smarter than the filmmaker have some mad weird superiority complex, not to mention ‘predictable’ is an intensely lazy criticism. Literally spells out for you what it’s doing within the first scene, then beats it over your head for the next 2 hours. It’s a self-aware slapstick comedy horror, and should be viewed as such. Balls to the wall insanity. Such a tonic that shows no signs of fatigue

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