Scream ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

That police officer leaving the hospital with not a single doctor or nurse or any sign of life bar Jenna Ortega was super mindless, lazy writing. And one-liners planted purely to sprout fanfare from the trailers were extremely bothersome. Lines like Dewey’s ‘it feels different this time’ (why? how?) felt eerily as if watching the writers high-fiving in realtime, so enraptured by their trailer-hype genius that they forgot the dialogue’s got to flow in the movie too 

Frustratingly my least fav of the series. Although this is more coherent than Scream 3, that had Wes’s charm and creativity, while Melissa Barerra is an offensive Sidney Prescott stand-in, taking notes from Gal Gadot’s acting journal. Mikey Madison paralleling her furiously screaming sadistic killer from OUATIH and once again ending up in flames was very funny though. Seems too coincidental not to be an in-joke

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