Inherent Vice

I won't call it a great disappointment, as im not a particularly big fan of Paul Thomas Anderson's work. Still, I recognize him as one of the most important directors working today and too experience his most recent effort as an overly complex, vague and drawn out period piece set to the 1970's of Los Angeles - it kinda sucks.

'Inherent Vice' appears as nothing but dull, uninspired and boring, it is seemingly more focused towards flat dialogues and a stoned Joaquin Phoenix, rather than developing likeable, well-rounded characters as well as trying to advance the plot every now and then into a focused direction. Neither PTA's idiosyncratic style nor talent is put to use here in order to elevate the film from a shallow, dialogue heavy chore to a thought-provoking, fun portrayal of an L.A where drugs flourished and everyone you met was bound to be an individual with a rich background and interesting stories to tell.

You'd expect a story centering around a detective and labelled partly as a crime/drama to be exciting and tense. Yet 'Inherent Vice' seems completely off in pace and never, ever ends up anywhere even remotely satisfying. It is a film with an unnecessarily convoluted storyline that introduces a vast amount of characters to the point were you're unsure about their relations to eachother - and thats when interest drifts off.

'Inherent Vice' is a film that made me constantly check the timer and feel a sense of dread whenever I saw how many minutes were left - for entirely wrong reasons. And when I react like that towards a film I wont even pretend to like it.

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