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  • Fun in Balloon Land

    Fun in Balloon Land


    Hey fellow Rifftrax fans and animal lovers! For Giving Tuesday, Rifftrax is having a sale and 10% goes to animals in need! Check it out!

    Fun (in Balloon Land) fact: this is my most watched Rifftrax

  • The Ghost of Frankenstein

    The Ghost of Frankenstein


    November Horror 2020 - bonus Universal

    I didn't know this existed til a few days ago, so I had to squeeze it in between Son of Frankenstein and next month's House of Frankenstein. Luckily, it's a nice squeezable 67 minutes.

    Oh to have the joie de vivre of an angry torch mob goin to blow up a monster castle! Where'd they get all that dynamite on short notice, the Acme Corporation? Mobs r Us? But blowing up the castle only…

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  • Son of Frankenstein

    Son of Frankenstein


    November Horror 2020, Day 27, challenge #20 - Universal

    Frankenstein's moving in, there goes the neighbourhood! Boy he can really clear out a rainy bog village with his "let's all be friends" speech, lemme tell you. You'd think if you were the Son of Frankenstein or even just named Frankenstein, you'd avoid doing anything sciencey. Maybe be a nice safe accountant or buy a taco truck or something, otherwise it will all end in tears and torch mobs!

    Honey, where…

  • Rope



    November Horror 2020, Day 28, challenge #1 - Hitchcock

    Eat, and I cannot stress this enough, the rich. Yikes! At least Jimmy Stewart Learned His Lesson and won't "inspire" any more impressionable boys who probably (definitely) have a crush on him to kill "inferior" people. You'd think someone so "smart" would understand such talk might have repercussions but W/E. Burn down all the prep schools, is my point.

    Yeah this is the most gay movie I've ever seen that doesn't…