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  • Nightbeast



    November Horror Hunt, Day 18, challenge #18 - best trashy horror!

    I live for good trashy horror as well as 80s monster flicks, from the awesome The Blob to... whatever this is. They're just so damn charming! I mean look at this guy, in his shiny disco space suit like he's about to appear on the Brady Bunch Variety Hour star-studded tribute to aliens. Love him!

    So I finally got to the best of Don Dohler's epic Rustic People…

  • Someone's Watching Me!

    Someone's Watching Me!


    November Horror Hunt, Day 17, challenge #10

    3.75 stars. I love 70s tv movies, I love stalker thrillers, and I love John Carpenter, so idk why it took me so long to watch this! For a 1978 tv movie this felt pretty fresh, with Carpenter's timeless suspense building and Lauren Hutton's vibrant performance as Leigh. Such a great character! She's strong and progressive but she's not just generic Strong Female Character™, she's funny and vulnerable and feels like a real…

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  • Warlock Moon

    Warlock Moon


    November Horror Hunt, Day 16, challenge #15 - school

    Oh man, this came so close to being one of those weird, dreamy 70s horrors I love, along the lines of Dream No Evil, Messiah of Evil, or my beloved Let's Scare Jessica to Death. (Mixed with a little Texas Chainsaw Massacre.) I mean this has it all, cannibals, ghosts, abandoned swimming pools, warlocks (I guess)? Unfortunately it has some glaring flaws that kept it from reaching those heights. But it…

  • Humanoids from the Deep

    Humanoids from the Deep


    November Horror Hunt, Day 10, challenge #29 - legs on the poster

    Fighting back seasonal depression, one monster movie at a time! Don't let "starring Doug McClure" in tv movie font scare you off, this is pretty well-done with some rad effects! While it's no Jaws or Creature from the Black Lagoon, it's the mixup of the two I never knew I needed.

    This could have sucked if it was too long, but it's a nice 80 minutes. Corman knows…