A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★½

September Horror 2020, Day 4, challenge #3 - friend's favourite movie

I don't really know anyone into horror irl (which I'm sure is why I'm so effusive on this website), so basic horror pick is basic I guess. I've been wanting to rewatch this series anyway.

I've seen this a million times and what can you even say about it at this point? This is why Wes Craven will probably always be my fave. He invented horror SO. MANY. TIMES. I'm not a huge fan of The Last House on the Left, but you can't say it wasn't influential. The Hills Have Eyes, the NOES series, Scream, so much of his work is a legit landmark. For all the credit he gets, somehow it still doesn't feel like enough? This film, this series, is not only classic but lent 80s horror so much of its texture. It gave stale stabby-stab slashers a much-needed new dimension of supernatural weirdness. The 2nd half of the decade was a landscape of dreamy NOES-inspired horror, some probably not even intentional. It was just that ingrained in the culture.

Freddy and Nancy get most of the love, rightly so, but I also want to shout out Cop Dad John Saxon. He grounds the film in such a way that I'm not sure it would have worked as well without him. On to part 2, which is desperately overdue for a rewatch!

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