Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

AAAAAAAH I love this movie! Damn I forgot how good this is; one of the best horror sequels. I might even like it more than the original. My 90s Skeet Ulrich crush has been replaced by my 90s Liev Schreiber crush (which has since been replaced by my 2010s Skeet Ulrich crush, thanks to Riverdale.) Gotta love the cast in these movies, it's like going through a 90s yearbook.

I think Sidney Prescott is my favourite final girl ever because she SHOOTS THE DAMN KILLER RIGHT IN THE DAMN FACE "just in case," instead of like, hitting them with a shovel and turning away all "it's over, he's dead," and NO HE'S NOT YOU IDIOT, KILL HIM SOME MORE!
This thing is two hours long and it's so constantly entertaining and suspenseful it just flies by. I actually wanted more. Unfortunately, "more" means part three, which I remember not liking at all. Kinda curious to check out four though.

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