Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt ★★★★

October Horror 2021, day 19, challenge #12 - wheel of directors

Can I just watch nothing but smoky old 40s thrillers for the next month? This is so my vibe right now. I was excited to land on Hitchcock for this challenge, as I've been wanting to get more into his work for a long time, and this was a great pick. It wasn't much of a mystery or even super heavy on the suspense but it didn't matter, this is a fantastic character study. There's no doubt that (Uncle) Charlie is bad news, but (niece) Charlie doesn't want to believe it until she has no choice. Her perception and ideal of Charlie is so wrapped up in her own perceptions of self and life that it feels more complicated than an average serial killer story. They're oddly connected. The stakes are higher.

Because this really isn't about the killer, it's about Charlie (Teresa Wright) coming to terms with herself and she's so good in this role. Seeing such a complex and interesting portrayal of a teen girl in 1943 was a nice surprise. I really enjoyed this, and how the story was completely re-imagined so many years later as Stoker, making it creepier but less sympathetic. (Both are great.) And can we all agree that Herb was the MVP?? Herb would very much have a Letterboxd account and I would follow him.

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