The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★★½

June Horror 2020, Day 10, challenge #4 - Seems like 2020 has a lot of remakes coming out, with The Invisible Man, Maniac Cop, Candyman, etc, so we're gonna check out a remake

I watched the original Invisible Man the first time last month and enjoyed it, particularly the groundbreaking effects. But this is next level, in fact I'd hardly even call it a remake cause the story is completely different and much more fleshed out (so to speak HAHAA) and this thing freaking scared me!

I'm usually not super keen on remakes, I mean did Nightmare on Elm Street or The Fog or Black Christmas need to be remade?? More often than not, they're cheap cash grabs. But this was actually rife for a modern retelling and Leigh Whannell and Elisabeth Moss nailed it. A perfect tone for the subject matter, feminist without being a sledgehammer to the face (*cough*BlackChristmas). Like Get Out or Us, the social message is there but the film is entertaining and suspenseful on its own merits. Elisabeth Moss KILLS it. (And like Lupita Nyong'o in Us I'm sure she won't get the Oscar nom she obviously deserves, f the Academy forever for their anti-horror bias. But she gets a Cupcake Award for Awesomeness, so pretty much just as good.)

The effects and "look" of the Invisible Man are still more iconic in the original, but he's a more frightening presence here. Like think of all those great 90s stalker movies like Fear, Sleeping with the Enemy etc, and then make the fucker invisible! 😨 If you've been putting this off bc you don't like remakes or whatever, I highly recommend it. It's completely its own film with a great story and performances and it's TENSE AF. (I'm also pretty stoked for the Candyman remake, if we ever get to see it.)

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