The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★

The final film in my "fighting back a cold" marathon (I think I'm winning! behold the power of cheesy horror and vitamin c!) This also falls under the "sequels I watched because they were on Netflix and have no intention of watching the original" category. (See also Ouija: Origin of Evil which was a'ight, and Annabelle: Creation which I'll probably watch today.)

I doubt I'll watch the first Strangers, home invasion just isn't my thing. But I watched this bc well, Netflix, and I heard there was a cool swimming pool scene. There is, in fact, a cool swimming pool scene. I want to swim in the neon palm trees Bonnie Tyler swimming pool quite badly, even if it is in a trailer park.

This movie is like, 50% soundtrack. Like okay, you got me, I like 80s songs. This isn't necessarily my favourite type of horror, but it's entertaining and worth a watch if you have Netflix and a cold.

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