Upgrade ★★★½

December Horror 2020 challenge #7 - mechanical menace

NOPE. No "smart" technology, no self-driving cars, no disembodied voice running my house, I will take responsibility for my own shit tyvm. I mean, that's how I felt before I watched this movie. Now I'm just hiding under a chair clutching my cassette tapes and sobbing. You laugh, but they'll never take over my life except with sweet tunes!

What better way to end the year than a film by the director of my fave of 2020? It good! Whannell is now 3/3 since I also enjoyed Insidious 3. I was like, this is more sci-fi/action than horror but considering the themes and how it actually kind of scared me, it's creepy-tech like The Invisible Man or Ex Machina. Do a marathon of those and you'll be running into the woods to live among the trees in no time. Then watch some shit like Grizzly and noooo, let me back in the house! Nowhere is safe, AAAAAH!!

Happy new year!

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