The Dentist ★★★½

I expected this to be one of the weaker steps on my quest to Yuzna completionism, but it's actually pretty good! Not great, there's some... stuff going on here. Apart from the horrible SA scene and the general fact that the movie makes very little sense, there's this broad incoherence to the structure that makes it difficult to watch for the wrong reasons at times. I was in awe of how much movie was left pretty much after the first act because it just kind of lurches meaninglessly from death to death with no pacing or evolution.

The strength of this movie, thus, rests on Yuzna's usual creativity as a horror artist and Bernsen's hammy but terrifying performance as The Dentist himself. While the character is both static and absurd (he's a serial killer from minute one of this movie, and the snap moment is more of an excuse), he is a surprisingly sharp little class parody, using his advantageous position as holding the patient's life in his hand as an ego boost and a fuel for his worthless existence. Everyone else is a one-not nothing, but The Dentist is an endearing satire. And, as everyone hates the dentist, the mouth stuff is nail biting and grotesque in that lovely Yuzna way, with some surprising nifty camera moves to stylize the more ordinary violence.

Also big laffs at the start of the movie where he's talking about his beautiful house and beautiful wife and the house is this horrible monstrosity that seems to be made out of sheet metal and plastic garbage