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  • Cassandro, the Exotico!

    Cassandro, the Exotico!

    Story and personality of Cassandro was really interesting and worth learning and knowing about and I’m glad I did get a chance to do so. BUT... Even Alfonso Cuarón in Roma was not saying as much “I’m here!” as the director did in this documentary. With all those excessive use of cuts, filters, jumps and sound tilts, the director vulnerably tries to be heard, even if that means overshadowing the already interesting and eccentric protagonist. It is excruciating to watch someone beg for attention.

  • This Is Our Land

    This Is Our Land


    Perfectly depicts the political atmosphere in Europe and shows how ridiculously any fanaticism could transform people. It made a lot of sense watching it just before the French elections.

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  • Babyteeth



    Gorgeous. A beautiful, sexy and lifeful film that you watch with a huge smile on your face but also ends up making you burst into tears. It whispers to your eyes and touches your heart with words that it puts on screen. Toby Wallace and Ben Mendelssohn are great.

  • Saint Frances

    Saint Frances


    Perfectly sees the humor in every small moment of life, even in the most challenging ones. It is the most real thing I have seen lately and reminded me of what I felt watching Lady Bird and Frances Ha. Kelly O'Sullivan shines as a screenwriter and an actress.