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  • Roma



    This film has 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, and I also heard good praise from Hideo Kojima, the game director, so I decided to watch it without even knowing what it was about. The movie is a slice of life of the Mexico from 1970, as seen from the eyes of a housekeeper. It's filmed in black & white, with lots of camera panning. It feels like watching good photography in a museum, but, as such, it felt quite boring to me,…

  • Orbiter 9

    Orbiter 9


    Quite an interesting concept! Science and ethics in a dystopian future. The acting wasn’t very good, but overall I had a good time watching this.

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  • Moon



    Interesting Sci-Fi thriller set on the moon. Some bits reminded me of 2001 Space Odyssey, and others, to The Martian (although The Martian, from 2015, is newer than Moon, which is from 2009). However, in both Space Odyssey and The Martian I got bored at times, while in Moon, I was engaged all the time. I guess they could have tried to make it a 2h30min movie to get us a bit more bored (irony 😛).

  • Interstellar



    Finally I got to watch this movie! It's almost 3h, so I had to take a break in between, which I think it was a good idea because the film is an emotional roller coaster! Apart from the science fiction, which has more fiction than science more often than not, how the drama unfolds was brilliant. It left me quite tired, though. I felt as if I had lived 200 years after watching this. The ending was a bit Battle Star Galactica, but with a cowboy'ish touch, I'd say.

    Not sure I would watch it again, but definitely an instant fav.