Ghost in the Shell ★★★★

I read super negative reviews on this one, but I think people exaggerate great deals. I guess they are hard-core fans that went to the cinema with great expectations and with a magnifying glass, trying to look for any flaws.

I've read the original manga and its sequels, I've watched the original movie and the sequel "Innocence", and I've watched the animated series. The manga is super dense on information, and the original animated movies are hard to follow. In contrast, this movie has done a good job at making it simple enough so anyone can follow, while keeping the feel of the original.

I don't know why people is so pissed off by Motoko not being Japanese, to be honest. Most anime characters look anything but Japanese. Motoko in the original anime movie has blue eyes, and reddish/light brown eyes in the TV series. How many Japanese girls you know with that eye color?

In any case, I think Scarlett Johansson does fine and the action scenes aren't as dull as I had read in the reviews.

The ending theme is the same as in the original anime movie :) But I didn't stay until the end of the credits...