It ★★★★

I'm not very fond of Stephen King's stories because I've read & watched a couple of really disturbing ones, like Pet Cemetery. So I wasn't sure about this one. I haven't read the book, and I wasn't sure what to expect, other than a scary clown.

It turns out it's quite an adventure. It reminded me of Stranger Things (one of the kids is also in this movie) and The Goonies. I guess Stranger Things borrows from those.

I knew there was gonna be a 2nd part because I read it somewhere, but the ending was quite satisfactory for me. I hate it when there's no sense of closure in movie endings, or when they force something terrible at the end to leave you upset instead of satisfied. It's not the case, quite the opposite: it gives a positive message that you have to confront your fears, but that you don't have to do that alone.