Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★

THE ultimate concert film: “Stop Making Sense”, perfectly captures a band in their prime, a filmmaker at a turning point in their professional career, and a live performance that has remained legendary thanks to this highly influential performance.

It’s an enjoyable, infectious, straight-forward experience that showcases the famous art-pop band Talking Heads through a stage show that feels part dance part concert.

Most of the enjoyment of this movie comes down to your appreciation of how live events are filmed and the band in question. Though the pacing and impossibly funky grooves are hard to deny, I could see somebody who is not into this kind of music not taking as much away from this experience.

On the flip side, I feel like I have seen this exact kind of film replicated through countless other musicians spanning most genres. It’s likely you have seen this kind of movie before, but few are as well handled as, “Stop Making Sense”, on a technical level. 

This is the perfect piece of media to put on if you want to start an impromptu dance party in your bedroom or with your friends. This is a good time for all ages, so I would even recommend it to dads trying to get their kids into the Talking Heads.