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  • The Magician

    The Magician


    A troupe of traveling artists led by a magician face the mockery and skepticism of a group of men who want to corroborate that the show is a farce. In Ansiktet, Ingmar Bergman reflects on the existence of absolute truths in a game between science, supported by reason, and mysticism where the intangible and uncertainties converge. At the same time, the director continues to express his deep interest in death and man's relationship with God. Unfortunately, on this occasion I…

  • Diamantino



    After missing a decisive penalty in the World Cup Final, football superstar Diamantino Matamouros ends his career abruptly and begins the search for a new purpose in life. It is difficult to speak of a work as unique as Diamantino, an extravagant, delirious and absurd journey that goes beyond being a parable or parody inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo. The film combines satire and camp while offering an allegory on the problems of the contemporary world such as the refugee crisis,…

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  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    I was 15 years old in 1999 and was eager to see Kubrick's last work, which was only my third from his filmography. My best friend and I went to one of those theatres that would allow us in regardless of the film's rating not knowing exactly what to expect. I left the theatre with the feeling that I've seen something that would completely change my appreciation of cinema. I remember been obsessed with this film, I even went to…

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    A few days ago, Guillermo del Toro expressed in an interview that he tries to keep the plot of his films as simple as possible and thus be able to focus on the visual aspect; personally, it seems to me that right there lies the biggest flaw in his latest feature film, a simple and predictable story, a little longer than necessary and, although visually attractive, very conventional. The interviewer mentioned that this is a very complex film with several…