A Summer's Tale ★★½

An attractive and unassertive young man spends a few summer days on the coast of Bretagne waiting for the beautiful girl he is madly in love with to show up. Meanwhile, Gaspard meets and gets involved with two other girls, the sweet and friendly Margot and the sensual Solene. Conte d'été is the exploration of a pedantic, self-absorbed, very chatty youth that ponders about love, loneliness, friendship, and rejection. During those days on the beautiful beaches of northern France these characters expose their insecurities, fear of failure, apprehension, their reluctance to surrender and renounce to the opportunities that fate puts in front of them. Éric Rohmer has an impressive facility to create banal, frivolous and selfish characters with intellectual pretensions and profound pseudo concerns that I find truly insufferable. In short, after three attempts it becomes increasingly clear to me that, despite the great ease and simplicity with which he depicts love affairs, sentimental quarrels, and suggestive games of seduction, I just don't find affinity with Rohmer's cinema, and I actually find his characters unpleasant, and his style repetitive and boring.

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