Coming Home ★★★★

In the dawn of the cultural revolution, a man escapes from prison to join his family after a ten-year absence; his daughter, for whom he is practically unknown, and under the strong influence of chinese nationalism, betrays him and inflicts damage that seems irreparable. After a few years Lu is released and returns home once again to find a completely broken family; his daughter Dandan lives with great guilt for her past deeds and his wife Feng, who lives trapped in an almost static world, does not recognize him. Coming Home is a story about forgiveness, atonement and the weight of the past in our lives; about oblivion, memory and all those things that tie us together as human beings and evoke our memories. A beautiful, intimate tale of a family trying to rescue what little they have left; a story bathed in melancholy and resignation that features the always captivating presence of Gong Li and a good job behind the camera of Zhang Yimou.

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