Das Boot ★★★★★

Wolfgang Petersen takes us on a journey with the crew of a U-96 boat; over the course of days we witness camaraderie, uncertainty and angst as well as the physical and mental exhaustion of a group of men confined inside a submarine, hunting for allied ships. Everything takes a drastic turn when they are commissioned to go to Italy; to get there, they have to pass through the Strait of Gibraltar heavily protected by the Royal Navy. It's a suicide mission and they're aware of it.
Petersen offers a finely crafted film with an impressive mise en scène that creates a tense and overwhelming atmosphere that keeps the viewer immerse in this claustrophobic journey. It's almost impossible not to empathize and even root for the characters; every single actor of the ensemble cast does a magnificent job. The devastating ending elevates this epic story to a whole other level and reminds us the absurdity and bleakness of war.
Das Boot is unique; an extraordinary and intense piece of cinema unlike any other war film I've ever seen.

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