Dior and I

Dior and I ★★★½

Dior and I takes us behind the scenes of the much anticipated first haute couture show Raf Simons created for the french maison back in 2012. Along the way we are presented with extracts from Christian Dior's memoir that put in perspective some of the things we are observing. The incredible amount of work and stress that the whole team must have gone through to create an entire collection is condensed in Simons reaction right before the show.

Even though the belgian designer created some beautiful pieces during his tenure at Dior (he resigned after 3 and a half years), I always felt, and in a way this documentary confirmed it, that he wasn't the best fit. I'm aware of the fact that this was filmed under particular circumstances (an unusual short amount of time to prepare a collection by a recently hired creative director), but he never look comfortable and when he talks about Dior and his legacy he seems incredibly overwhelmed; it's like he could feel the weight of history on his shoulders.

I appreciate the interest in bringing together fashion and cinema but I thought this was a rather superficial look into something that has much more depth.

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