Distant ★★★½

Mahmut is a photographer and intellectual who lives in Istanbul without worries; he is a solitary and not very expressive man, relationships with his family, his ex-wife and his lover are cold and distant. One day he is forced to receive his cousin Yusuf, whom he looks down on with some contempt due to his evident lack of manners and education, a man who fleeing from the miserable life of the province. In spite of being relatives there is an abyss between them, they don't seem to have anything in common, silence and a forced coexistence prevails. Uzak is the reflection of a profound existential emptiness, of the solitude of the inconsequential days in which one is imprisoned by one's thoughts, and of the melancholy reflected in the cold and foggy landscape. It is the story of two men who are stuck, like that snow-covered stranded ship, their lives, though opposed, are meaningless. The present is dark, the future uncertain, happiness seems to have no place anywhere, silence is overwhelming and everyday life becomes tedious.
A restrained film with good performances, beautiful cinematography and meticulous composition; Ceylan presents a thorough study of introspection and alienation.

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