Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut ★★★★★

I was 15 years old in 1999 and was eager to see Kubrick's last work, which was only my third from his filmography. My best friend and I went to one of those theatres that would allow us in regardless of the film's rating not knowing exactly what to expect. I left the theatre with the feeling that I've seen something that would completely change my appreciation of cinema. I remember been obsessed with this film, I even went to the library and read a few pages from an old edition of Arthur Schnitzler's Traumnovelle.

Being so young and inexperienced at that point of my life, of course I didn't have a complete understanding of what Kubrick wanted to say. However, I found fascinating the overall topics addressed regarding fantasies, sexual desire, jealousy and faithfulness. Revisiting this title now that I'm older (but maybe not wiser) I truly appreciated the exploration of sexual yearning, dissatisfaction and acquiescence of this hypnotic dreamlike tale.

Tom Cruise gives one of the best performances of his career but, to me, is Nicole Kidman who steals the show with her subtle and powerful turn as Alice; the rest of cast, including Sydney Pollack and Todd Field, do a respectable job as well. The technical aspects are as perfect as you'd expect in a Kubrick film, from the composition of each frame, the lighting and the cinematography. Finally, I can not forget to mention Jocelyn Pook's haunting score perfectly complemented by other musical pieces.
Eyes Wide Shut is the perfect closure in the career of one of cinema's greatest directors.

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