Hannah and Her Sisters

Hannah and Her Sisters ★★★★★

Hannah and Her Sisters remains one the finest in Allen's filmography and a personal favourite of mine. The film takes us into the lives of a series of complex and imperfect characters, revealing their yearnings, fears and failures. In the end, they are all people in search of themselves, of answers that sometimes nobody has, people who live day by day, suffer and rejoice, who need to love and be loved. I believe that this work perfectly synthesizes the favorite themes of the director. On one hand, everything around personal relationships such as love, infidelity and communication; on the other hand, the constant reflections on death, spirituality and the meaning of life that cause so much anxiety and uncertainty. An intelligent and endearing piece, with touches of romance and nostalgia, it has the superb work of an incomparable cast, and the perfect balance between drama and comedy that portrays with singular precision the tribulations of everyday life.

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