La Jetée

La Jetée ★★★★½

In the not too distant future, after a devastating nuclear war that annihilates the majority of the population and makes the planet's surface uninhabitable, a group of scientists experiment with time travelling to hopefully save humanity. The man chosen to carry out the mission jealously preserves a memory of his childhood, it is the image of a beautiful woman who contemplates planes taking off at Orly airport. La Jetée reflects on memory and consciousness, the return to the past in search of answers, concern for the present, and uncertainty about the future. The film is undeniably a product of its time and moves between fiction, reality and documentary. Presented as a photo-roman, it is an extremely interesting exercise in which Chris Marker makes use of photographs in a brilliant way, through a rigorous and precise montage of images that capture precise moments, to tell a story of science fiction. This is also a beautiful love story of two people in different temporal dimensions who are condemned to be separated by the inevitability of fate.
Fragmented memories, static images that acquire meaning, time and movement, continuity, the scattered past and our interpretation of it. La Jetée is poetic and avant-garde, an outstanding piece of cinema.

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