Lean on Pete ★★★★

Abandoned by his mother since childhood and under the care of a loving but wreckless and immature father, fifteen year old Charley finds work taking care of racehorses, and establishes a bond with one of them. Unfortunately, both their fate seem ominous within this dysfunctional, humble and deprived environment; Charley will have to grow up in a tough manner, but his strength and good heart will make him endure the hard tests that life puts him through. Lean on Pete is a portrait of loneliness, a heartbreaking story about a young man forced by his circumstances to travel a difficult road full of loss and desolate landscapes in search of a home, a place to which he feels he belongs. The great virtue of the direction is its naturalism and the intimate approach with which it brings us closer to the protagonist, remarkably interpreted by Charlie Plummer. Simple, honest and moving, Lean on Pete is a welcome addition to Andrew Haigh's filmography.

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