Mad Max

I ventured to watch Mad Max mainly because of its status as a cult film, and what a surprise I've had. The problem I have with the film is that it looks and feels extremely dated, from the exaggerated music, the bad acting, the cartoon villains and the overall aesthetics that, if I didn't know it beforehand, I wouldn't have imagined it was a story set in a dystopian reality. In addition, the plot is way too simple and feels stretched out into ninety minutes film; it's incoherent, disconnected and at times even chaotic. I found the story so uninteresting, the development so tedious, and the action so scarce and unamusing that while watching the film I took the time to write these lines. I was even thinking of making some humorous observation about the ridiculous amount of men wearing leather uniforms and how they look like they came out of a bad gay porn movie of the time, but I was so bored that didn't even want to make the effort to come up with a bad joke about it. Time has taken its toll on Mad Max, it is a stale film and I have suffered every second of it.

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