Millennium Mambo ★★★

Through the fragmented memories of Vicky, we witness the breakup between this fragile girl who has dropped out of school and Hao Hao, a young man with an explosive temperament, in the context of Taiwan of the new millennium. In the midst of turmoil and after the separation we also observe Vicky's relationships with other men as well as her search for stability and a new beginning. Crisis, emotional dependency, vague and meaningless paths, youthful decadence bathed in electronic music, drugs, nightclubs and hopelessness; Millennium Mambo is a look at a tumultuous postmodernity, at the youth immersed in a labyrinth of chaotic emotions. Visually, it is an appealing film that perfectly portrays the period in which it is situated. The rhythm is slow, a little heavy at times, and I feel that the pieces don't match with sufficient strength to impact the viewer. Still, Hou Hsiao-hsien's stylistic exercise and Shu Qi's performance make this imperfect experience worthwhile.

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