Mirror ★★½

Zerkalo is possibly the most personal and also the most cryptic work of Andrei Tarkovsky. In it he avoids conventional narrative to evoke memories of his childhood, his mother, and episodes from the history of his country, to create some sort of sensorial autobiography. I have had an experience similar to those I encountered with other works by Tarkovsky; namely, his unintelligible reflections, the excruciatingly slow pace, and his almost impenetrable metaphors are so vast and unattainable for the most part that I feel overwhelmed. As if that weren't enough, the use of classical music, mirrors everywhere, and his need to bestow everything with a symbolism seem to vociferate: contemplate visual poetry at its maximum expression! this is art! What I have never questioned is the impressive capacity of the Russian filmmaker to capture the overwhelming beauty that surrounds him, like those childhood memories that look like nineteenth-century naturalist paintings. The problem is that this beauty is sterile to me because I cannot simply lose myself in it, I can not just experience this mystical and spiritual journey and, therefore, it does not move me at all nor do I find it interesting or stimulating. Until now I thought that I was just being stubborn when it comes to Tarkovsky cinema, trying my best to decipher it and refusing to admit defeat. Now, I have realized that his universe is not entirely indecipherable to me, it is simply not of interest to me.

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