Peppermint Soda ★★★★

As the summer comes to an end, and after a vacation on the beach, the Weber sisters return to Paris for a new school year at the Lycée Jules-Ferry, where only women attend. Next to Anne and Frédérique we spend the days in the noisy corridors, enjoying pleasantries between classmates, gossiping with friends, and suffering because of teachers. We witness the relationship between the sisters and with their parents who are separating, the innate rebellion of youth, the discovery of love, the friendships that are forged and others that perish, as well as the awakening of political and social consciousness. Diabolo Menthe is a vivid and beautiful portrait of early adolescence in France during the sixties. A clearly autobiographical film due to the combination of tenderness and melancholy that flows within it and in which Diane Kurys introduces us to a feminine universe, complex, fascinating and of a delicate naturalism. A work that deserves more recognition and that will invariably evoke in the viewer bittersweet memories of their own lost adolescence.

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