Pierrot le Fou

Pierrot le Fou ★★★

One of Godard's most celebrated films, Pierrot le Fou uses an unorthodox storytelling that I'm sure was daring, even groundbreaking, at the time of its release, and somehow echoes Belmondo's character urge for intellectual satisfaction. I understand that the fragmented and repetitive narrative or some of the editing choices are a manifesto against the formalism; that the dialogues are (or try to be) philosophical meditations about the disenchantment of modern life; or that the constant use of pop art elements, from colours to juxtaposition of images, is used to create an avant-garde piece of art.
I get it, Godard is playing with cinematic conventions, defying logic; he even inserts a couple musical numbers and the characters break the fourth wall. He also takes the time to criticise the status quo of the western world. While I admire and praise some of those efforts, I have to admit I had a very difficult time trying to get into this film. Some are going to call me sacrilegious but not even Anna Karina's presence and beauty, and Belmondo's charisma prevented me from being slightly annoyed by the third act.
There's a lot of valuable aspects in Pierrot le Fou but, at least for now, I won't be joining the overwhelming enthusiasm for this film.

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