Rocketman ★★★

Rocketman is a conventional biopic that covers all aspects necessary to tell the story of the life of a genius. It is the story of a talented, unique boy with a complicated childhood, of his hasty encounter with success, the inevitable descent to hell, the struggles with excesses, inner demons, as well as the search for oneself, love, and the redemption that comes with it. In its attempt to address so many themes, to show the singer's tumultuous personal life, and to portray the first stage of a career as prolific as Elton John's, the film feels a bit superficial. In addition, as is often the case with these types of productions in which the songs were not created specifically for them, some fit better than others and, frankly, only few of them really shine like they should. Still, the most personal, intimate moments are filled with great honesty; as if the singer took this opportunity to reflect on his life, to show himself vulnerable and imperfect, to atone for his mistakes, to accept his faults, to confront the past and come to terms with it. It is there, in those moments of deep melancholy, beyond the colorful and magnificently extravagante costumes, that Rocketman finds solidity and its raison d'etre.

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