Sauvage ★★★★

Somewhere in the bois de boulogne vehicles stop briefly to talk to one of the nameless men wandering through trees and streets offering their bodies for some money. One of them is Léo, a 22 year old homeless young man who spends his days among clients, sleeping on the streets, committing crimes, using drugs and dancing at some night club. Despite the meaningless and errant life he leads, Léo seems at peace or perhaps completely resigned to his own fate and, in the midst of all that decadence, never loses hope of finding love.

Sauvage is a crude portrait of the world of male prostitution in which Camille Vidal-Naquet, in his promising debut feature, exposes this cruel, anonymous and desolate microcosm, with an almost documentary gaze, at times even intrusive and voyeuristic. It's a story of a individual whose spirit has been broken despite a limitless freedom. The film is also about the ability we have as individuals to choose. We choose the life we want to live, even if it is a destructive existence, and no one can impose a new path for us to follow.

Sauvage is a realistic, sincere and heartbreaking experience with an outstanding and brave performance by Félix Maritaud who gives the protagonist a haunting and moving fragility.

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